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Photographer Profile: Jimmy Thomas

Photographer Profile: Jimmy Thomas
Boyd Texas. 7D Mk II, Canon 500 f/4. Exposure: 1/3200, f/4, ISO 200.

Photographer: Jimmy Thomas

Part-Time Professional Photographer

Photographic Specialties:

  • Landscape
  • Wildlife


After being successful in several different careers, Jimmy has now focused his efforts on wildlife and nature fine art photography where he uses his life experiences as a modern-day renaissance man to create photography that expresses his philosophy and views of life based on his love of the outdoors and wildlife. He views life as a great learning adventure and continues his life of exploration both personally and professionally as he proceeds on his adventure of life.



Photographer Profile: Jimmy Thomas
De Soto, MO. Canon 7D Mk II, 100-400mm, 2X. Exposure: 1/1000 sec, f/11, ISO 800.
Photographer Profile: Jimmy Thomas
Decatur, Texas. Canon 5D Mk III w/ 24-105mm f/4, window mount. Exposure: f/11, 5 sec/ ISO 100.

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