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Photo Of The Day By Richard Verroen

Richard Verroen

Photo By Richard Verroen

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “And Jump” by Richard Verroen.

“The day before I had discovered tracks of a fox in the snow when I was photographing in National Park de BiesBosch, the Netherlands,” said Verroen. “I learned the different tracks from a Dutch forester in Zwitserland (it’s a small world) when I was taking pictures of the fall. These fox tracks made me go back the next day to try and find the fox, and finally I did. I managed to sneak close enough in the cold snow and it could not smell me. I lay there for almost half an hour in the freezing cold and studied his hunting tactics. Beautiful, as he sat down near a mouse hole and waited. Then when the mouse looked out, he took a big jump and one out of every four jumps it got its mouse. And then it sniffed and shook its head to get the snow off. A most beautiful sight.”

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