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“F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” Podcasts, December 2017

Hosted by landscape photographer Matt Payne, the podcast series “F-Stop Collaborate and Listen” presents informal conversations with nature photographers. They discuss the photographer’s motivations, explore his or her personal journey and perspectives on important issues facing landscape photographers today.

Listen to last month’s podcasts below.

December 2nd – Episode 31 – David Swindler

  • David’s journey into landscape photography as an chemical engineer
  • The Art Storefronts website platform
  • Using failure as a teacher
  • Finding a good composition
  • Impactful moments in landscape photography

December 7th – Episode 32 – Dan Ballard

  • Dan’s journey into landscape photography
  • What it is like living on the road as a full-time professional photographer
  • The importance of creating images and seeking out new locations
  • The importance of a lightweight kit
  • Creating panoramas
  • How to work with human subjects on travel photography trips
  • The current state of landscape photography

December 13th – Episode 33 – Nick Page

  • Nick’s journey into landscape photography
  • What life is like as a full-time professional photographer
  • Why he started his podcast
  • The upcoming “Out of Moab” landscape photography conference
  • The recent news about Bear’s Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante
  • Social media and landscape photography
  • The importance of the journey to become better

December 17th – Episode 34 – Alexandre Deschaumes

  • Alexandre’s journey into landscape photography
  • The documentary about his work
  • His book
  • His style of photography
  • The challenges of conservation and landscape photography in Europe

December 23rd – Episode 35 – Jack Brauer

  • How Jack got into Landscape Photography
  • Mountain Photography
  • How Jack got into the web design business and his website building services
  • The critical relationship between conservation and landscape photography, including the recent news about Bear’s Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante

December 30th – Episode 36 – Alexander Otto

  • How Alex got into Landscape Photography
  • Death Metal Music!
  • Landscape photography as a cultural practice
  • Instagram and the rise in popularity of certain Europe locations


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